“89% of French customers want an answer in less than 24h to a request and 61% told they could leave a brand if the customer service doesn’t meet their expectations*.”

Our customer engagement center is entirely dedicated to the customer relationship management. Through a cross-canal approach, we insure a smooth customer pathway and help you offer your clients an unmatched customer experience.

By engaging conversation with your customers when they need it and trough their chosen channel; we break down the barrier to make touch points complementary to give your customers attention when they need some to advise and guide them before, during and after their act of purchase.

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    Our customer advisers insure the link with your clients in five languages. They manage your leads and clients to transform them into business opportunities.

    To engage your customer in the best way and in accordance with your needs, Performance Directe created two teams of experts specialized in sales and customer loyalty.

    • Our sales experts

    Continually trained to the best sales and customer relationship management techniques, our business advisers become the extension of you commercial teams.

    We trained them to the use of your products and services as well as to the values you want to communicate. They become ambassadors of your brand and insure the cohesiveness of your brand strategy.

    • Our customer loyalty experts

    To insure the success and the loyalty of your customers, our advisers are trained to listen, be reactive and to manage requests and complaints of your customers.

    Trained to you brand, they are an integrated part of your teams and assist your customers on a daily basis.

    We break down the barriers between offline and online channels to go toward an excellent customer experience. We deal and qualify for you prospects and customers by insuring:

    • Qualification of files

    • Before-sales service

    • Scheduling of appointments

    • Tacking of orders

    • After-sales service (Hotline)

    • Distant sales-force / e-detailing

    • Assessment of customers satisfaction

    • Collection of information and conduction of surveys / sounding

    We also report and provide feedback of important information needed for the improvement of your products, services and customer experience to insure a satisfaction ever more important.

    We work with companies that are working in sector such as housing, sport, food, computer and health, as well as with research companies and communities, from the SMB to major international groups

    We understand and ingrate your performance objectives to go toward the optimization of your lead management.

    Some figures from 2016 :

    • 481 503 calls made

    • 58 340 received calls

    • 5 998 hours of conversation

    • 107 125 received leads