“The annual economic growth of a company which has successfully adapted its customer experience is 2 times bigger.”*

Sales strategies for “Customer experience” have become as important as those for brand products. Our “100% Convinced” approach strengthens the competitive advantage of brands in accompanying prospective customers: they are followed up on their search paths and therefore better qualified, and we engage in dialogue directly with them at the right moment, to convert them into customers.
* Source: Harvard Business Review

    Put a personalized conquest strategy into place using adapted web marketing techniques to generate new prospects : SEA, membership, display, social media…
    Assist the prospects in their thought process with automatic personalized mechanics: e-mailing, automated marketing…
    The benefits for you :
    ●         Generate more leads
    ●         Follow up and accompany your prospects in their purchasing process
    ●         Convert your “cold” prospects into “hot” prospects

    To improve the conversion rate, put an efficient pre-sales strategy into place: analyze your existing data, identify your targets and their decision-makers, and qualify your data base thanks to digital or tele-marketing actions. Over time, controlling your data will enable you to segment and score your prospects with greater efficiency.
    The benefits for you :
    ●         Identify new opportunities earlier in the sales process
    ●         Improve the quality of your leads
    ●         Qualify and segment your data base

    Externalize and industrialize your appointment process to take on board your prospects immediately after an internet request, or when their project has matured. You can therefore engage with your prospects at the right moment and increase your sales efficiency and speed.
    The benefits for you :
    ●         Create a relationship with each prospect at the right time
    ●         Prioritize the “hottest” prospects
    ●         Increase the conversion rates of your sales teams whilst saving time
  • SELL

    Generate additional sales quickly thanks to a remote sales force during “lightning” operations, to launch new products or for special offers or for order entry and acknowledgement.
    Use phone techniques and screen sharing to personalize remote customer relations.
    The benefits for you :
    ●         Sign new contracts
    ●         Boost your sales actions
    ●         Offer your customers a better service by immediately acknowledging their orders
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+ 36,000

More than 36,000 requests generated in 2014 (+300% more leads than in the first year)


budget optimization compared to the previous year


revenue growth vs -1% on the market


How to generate more qualified in-store traffic and increase sales in the group.


Set up a full “Drive to store” process by integrating digital conquest, immediate telephone contact with the customer, to listen, qualify the project and make an appointment in the nearest store.


  • SEO, SEA, membership, display,
  • Telephone marketing
  • Email


  • More than 36,000 appointment requests generated by digital actions in 2014 (+300% more leads than the first year)
  • Budget optimized by 10% in comparison to the previous year
  • +17% increase in revenue compared to a market rate of -1%